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Updated on Sunday, April 12


OMG: I posted a while back with the massive rant and follow up about a housemate who is actually insane. You know, the PhD student in Chem Eng who creates chlorine gas and says its safe, spreads blood on my belongings, more recently has put bleach cream on my comb, threatened to destroy my belongings, and so on.

Well, I have a Landlord and Tenant Board hearing on the 22nd to deal with this shit. Originally it was going to be sooner, but the notice of hearing was not delivered and so I was unable to forward my landlord a copy of the notice, and therefore had to either drop my case or reschedule.

If the board refuses to let me move out (I highly doubt this would happen), I have already forced the landlord to start evicting me anyways, because like people have said, I cannot continue to live there. I mean even if I get evicted and am forced to pay the landlord anything for that, as we found out with the Schembri incident, the Board has no teeth to enforce it.


  1. god, i remember this. i hope everything works out in your favour and you can find some place to stay that's a lot more reasonable, safe and comfortable

  2. I sincerely hope for your safety and health that you are able to get the hell out of there. Idk how it's possible to still be living with horrific people like that. Good luck, OP!

  3. I have already forced the landlord to start evicting me anyways - HOW?

    1. Not paying April rent. Its covered by last month's deposit, and I will be out May 1, so its not like I owe the fucker anything.