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Updated on Thursday, April 9


OMG: OCC didn't even post coordinator applications on leads and then randomly they have new Coordinators. That's injustice on their part and Feds. You dont even advertise the position on leads? Ridiculous. It wasn't done that way in the past.


  1. Um, yes, coordinator applications were posted on leads. They were posted Oct 20th to Nov 20th 2014 which is when they hire the coordinators for 2015/16. in fact, posting on Leads is new. You are right, they weren't posted on leads in the past. This new system is much better than the old way of hiring whoever they wanted. At least this way, people who pay attention to all the advertising and leads were those who applied. Nobody wants someone who pays attention 4/5 months too late.

    Great try at figuring out a new way to hate on Feds though.

    1. They were posted in November? Holy shit that's early. If I was interested in it, i wouldn't consider it until at least March.

    2. OP Here. 1 you know nothing. 1) I do like Feds contrary to your crap belief but this is an informal complaint. & 2) the application for new coordinators was put onto Leads last month for the other services. OCC didn't even advertise it on their FB group, nor their Twitter, or their FB page. I know it is for past dons and a few years ago so I was looking into rejoining. Either way to have it so early when it is usually done in Feb-March. Not cool and unacceptable.

    3. But it is NOT usually done in Feb-March!

  2. Coordinators must be current or former dons I believe. So the advertisement is only meant for them. it is early because they train with the current coordinators over the Winter term to be prepared for the Spring term. They are 1 year commitments.

  3. Just remember, #FedsDoesThat

    And Maaz Yasin is ultimately the one responsible for this, his contact info can be found here:
    (519) 888-4567 x33780

    Contact him by whatever platform is easiest for you. Note that the phone number is an on campus number and not a cell number, I realize some people are dumb enough to text it, but at that point be classy and send a blackfax to it.

    1. I had just finished punching in the extension at the University of Waterloo switchboard in order to send him a text when thankfully I saw your handy hint that it is not a cellphone.
      You sure saved me getting some egg on my face there, buddy!

  4. omg feds is so bad, literally hitler.

  5. Hey all!

    I know this mass of information is confusing to some people so, as a Feds volunteer here is some things you should know about Feds and OCC:

    1. Who is responsible?

    Maaz is not responsible for the hiring of coordinators for the services. Aside from OCC, all service coordinators are chosen by the previous term's coordinators. He is still the final voice when it comes to anything service-related however, the services are pretty self-sufficent (meaning they run on their own) so he only steps in in extreme circumstances.

    2. Isn't volunteering for all the services the same?
    No! Each service has their own hiring period and process. Volunteering for OCC is a serious commitment. (Not that volunteering with other services isn't just as serious lol) Their volunteers are hired for the whole year (opposed to other services which hire every term) and they expect their volunteers to stick with it throughout the year. If you wish to know why, drop by their office (SLC 2nd floor above Subway) and they would be more than happy to help you!

    3. OCC's hiring process goes something like this:

    a) You apply as an OCC don, you go through the interview process and you hopefully get hired! (Applications open Mid-late February and interviews are early-mid March)

    b) As a don, if you feel like you would be able to handle the workload of a coordinator, applications come out in November-ish and you would follow the same process but the questions for the position would be more serious. Being a coordinator for OCC requires you to be a current don and all dons are encouraged to apply!

    If you have any more questions about OCC or any other service, go and inquire about them! They would be more than happy to help you out!