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Updated on Wednesday, April 8


OMG: The best of's were a great feature, then they stopped all of the sudden...

MOD'S NOTE: We wanted to test it out to see how it would work and if you folks like it. We are open to any feedback you may have. With that being said, we may run one more feature before the end of term and then take a break for summer. If you got a suggestion for the feature, comment below.


  1. I was thinking the next logical one after the places to eat on campus and within walking distance of campus would be best places to eat in the general KW area.

    Other suggestions:
    -best washrooms to use on campus
    -best place to study
    -best place to nap

  2. Most fun things to do/places to go in KW

  3. Best places for dates, best clubs, best classes to take (you could have 5-10 for each faculty if you were feeling ambitious)