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Updated on Tuesday, April 7


OMG: It is so embarrassing every time I take the iXpress and see people get faked out when the bus stops at the railroad right before the uptown stop. How have people not learned that busses stop at every railroad crossing yet?


  1. This happens every day. I used to think it was funny, now it's just sad.

  2. Are these the same people that cannot figure out how to work the back door?

    How to open the back door of a public transit bus: yell at the bus driver and look like an idiot.

  3. I did this once, in all fairness I didn't know where the stop was, lol

  4. Same way people get tricked by the series of "Out of Service" buses that arrive in DC around noon on weekdays. Then the actual 13 arrives with an "Out of Service" sign and changes it right before it leaves. Walk in to ask the drive what bus it is and they give you a look like you killed a puppy. Jeez man, maybe you should try, I don't know... keeping the signage consistent?

    1. My favourite bus is the out of service express. Talk about going nowhere fast!

  5. These are probably the same people that take the bus from DC to Uni/Phillip

  6. But how is it embarrassing for you exactly? People will make the mistake once, maybe twice and then learn from it and stop getting "faked out". Geez.