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Updated on Monday, April 6


OMG: I almost committed suicide and no one even cared. Not one friend even bothered to text me even though they all knew what was going on. Just more of a reason why I should do it.


  1. I care. You are important.

  2. Or more of a reason to find new friends. Why be that guy who offed himself when you can ditch them, create the life you've always wanted and be the guy you've always wanted to be? When you create that, you'll see them all of a sudden texting you and it will feel all the better to tell them to fuck off.

    If you're desperate enough to commit suicide just think of this perspective. Why end it all? If you've got nothing to lose why not just go all out and make your life what you want. Change schools, move away, drop out if you want, backpack around the world...take a fucking chance. If you're willing to end it all and have nothing to lose then you might as well just do what you've always wanted to do and become who you've always wanted to be...

    1. This was wonderful. I'm not OP, but that really made sense to me, and I hope it makes sense to OP and anyone else who needs it.

  3. Almost? So what stopped you? What are you getting out of playing the pity game?
    I'm not saying you should kill yourself, you shouldn't. But it sounds like you have a big chip on your shoulder and you need to figure out why.

  4. Because they'll really show them! Fucking assholes not caring about you. Damn selfish ingrates.

    Seriously OP, you are who matters the most to you. Be happy with yourself, don't care what others think.

    If you find that all of your friends are apathetic assholes, then get new friends. YOU have the power to make so many changes to YOUR life.

  5. :( OP, I kno dat feel

    This is a really rough time of term. Please, please take care. If there is anything you think would help please post on this thread and I will genuinely see what I can do.

  6. 519-745-1166- CMHA distress line.
    Call this number whenever you feel alone.