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Updated on Friday, April 3


OMG: How do the same companies that have won the 25K VVF pitches in previous terms get to pitch again and [.... wait for it..] win again? The only new one was Photo Fox.

Interesting much?


  1. Which company won $25k twice? Suncayr won $1K back in the summer, but didn't think the others (Vitameter, Pout) won anything before... Vitameter was already in the Velocity Science program, but I don't think they had velocity funding.

  2. Having raised over $50k in seed funding or having won the $25k VFF disqualifies you from being able to enter again.
    FotoFox pitched in the $5k last term, but did not make it through qualifiers.

  3. I call BS - you need to vest or give opportunities to new companies. #drinkingyourownkoolaidvelo