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Updated on Friday, April 3


OMG: Amazing the outcry for Western's prez earning almost a million due to not taking an administrative leave. I wonder why David Johnson was making over a million before he left for the plum appointment as Governor General of Canada.


  1. Because the richer you are the more money you get while not doing much work and get to look down on all the "lazy" people who dont sit there and buy money!

    1. Johnson couldn't care less for those in his way that he marginalized while president of UW either. The place was put on a downhill course while he was here and that's continued. So much money so little accountability.

  2. Probably same reason why Amit Chakma made almost a million, was being paid out at once before he left. Amit Chakma was also paid around 1/2 mil for two years after he left UW by UW on top of his salary from UWO

  3. 2 has it right. Johnston wasn't actually making over a million annually; he left for Rideau Hall a few years before the end of his term as UW President, and so was paid a hefty sum covering the remainder of his term, which I'm sure was all detailed in his initial contract with UW.

    It was an unusual circumstance. The UW President does not actually get paid 7 figures.