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Updated on Friday, April 3


OMG: There's a lot of people complaining about silent studies across campus not being silent. If you're in a silent study space and people are talking or not following the rules, you can try one of two things:

First, tell them that they're in a silent study space and that they're being disrespectful to other students. A lot of people don't realize that what they're doing is a problem, either because they don't know they're in a silent study, or because they don't know it's bothering anyone. Putting a face to the problem is pretty effective, might as well be yours.

Second, get in contact with whoever's responsible for enforcing the rules. If you're in the SLC it's Turnkey, and if you're in a library it's the Circulation Desk. They do their best to enforce the rules, but they can't do everything, especially if no one complains. If you report a problem with a student, they'll investigate it and take action.

You might be reluctant to do either of these things because you don't wanna be "that person", but if you really had an issue with people talking in silent studies, then you'd do something to stop it instead of complaining on OMGUW.


  1. Good points, but keep in mind that in most of these places there is no one enforcing the rules. The circulation desk isn't always open, and they don't have enough staff to leave the desk and monitor floors even when they are open. Turnkey is also on limited staffing.

    The problem is precisely that there's no enforcement mechanism. It's also poorly advertised in the library at least---in DP the only signs telling you it's a silent floor are right by the elevators. so people might not beleive you when you tell them it's silent study and they'll continue yapping.

  2. Just get a megaphone, turn it to 11, and shout "this is the silent study area, shut the fuck up, or get the fuck out"

    Then sit down like nothing happened.