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Updated on Wednesday, April 1


OMG: I really do not understand why the libraries (Dana Porter especially) let people eat food around the computers. UW students are fucking pigs.
Everyone here either eats disgustingly with their mouth open, or they end up leaving crumbs and garbage and sauces on the keyboard or in front of the computer. Or even worse, people end up just eating their entire lunch or dinner in front ofthe computers without even using the machines themselves. Pretty much every library and lab has a reasonable "no food around computers" policy. Why doesn't UW? You'd reduce the wait time of people holding out for a computer and probably save on repair and damage costs to the people who spill their food.


  1. ...the libraries do have policies regarding food. It's more than fair, yet everybody abuses it and it's impossible to police people!

  2. Some people just don't know how to clean up after themselves. Plus you're supposed to be grateful for that rule so that when you're too busy to eat somewhere else, you can always eat at the library.

    1. there's an actual food/cafe area at the library on the same floor as the computers in DC. there's plenty of space for people to eat, but the computers section really isn't one of them

  3. There are "no food" rules in the ECE labs, but they're not very reasonable when you're spending 16 hours straight in there.