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Updated on Friday, March 27


OMG: On a crowded bus: If you are standing, move back as far as possible and place your backpack at your feet. If you are sitting, sit on the inside seat so someone else can sit down. If you are standing next to an empty seat, either sit down or let someone else sit down.

This has been a public service announcement.


    Also: Your bag does not need its own seat.

  2. Especially the part about sitting in open seats. Everyone thinks they're being courteous by not taking the open seat, but if you stay standing, you're probably inconveniencing everyone on the bus. Do it for the social good!

  3. If people would stop being so lazy and just walk to school, there wouldn't be this problem, since everyone would have a seat.

    1. If you would pull your head out of your asshole for a split second you would realize that everyone does not live within walking distance of school, and spending two hours a day walking to and from home when you have a free pass for public transport is a dumb idea.