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Updated on Friday, March 27


OMG: If you're going to be as bold as to talk and laugh loudly in class, at least have the courage to look me in the eye when I turn around to stare at you. Maybe even ask me what my problem is. But no, of course you wouldn't dare to. These kinds of people are the boldest kind of coward.


  1. Why don't you just ask them to be quiet instead of passive aggressively staring at them.

    1. Considering the type of people I've seen at this school I'd say there's a 99% chance you're the type of person who would be fucking shook if someone was straight grilling you. You don't know what passive aggressive means if you think actively beefing someone is "passive".

  2. Haha, you mean staring at someone who's speaking loudly isn't rude enough? Embarrassment should be made more obvious by specifically pointing at the person talking and asking them to shut up? Okay then.

  3. umm, so i might be “tripping" but that language is on point. right so why were they speaking loudly exactly?