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Updated on Friday, March 27


Everyone complaining about FEDS. 5% voter turnout. This is why politics at this school are pointless.


  1. I disagree. I think this shows that there is very little engagement because 95% of students feel like FEDS doesn't represent them!

    Don't blame this on the students. This is FEDs issue, and its up to them to fix it.

  2. 95% of students either don't know what feds is or just don't give a shit lol. all this feds buzzing on omguw is annoying

  3. I agree with 1 and 2, people don't vote because they don't care. Instead of this #Fedsdoesthat campaign, they can do more engaging things. Actions speak louder than words, simple as that. Especially when those words are random numbers like amount of bubble tea served

  4. I agree with all the above posters. This is why I ran for Feds. I will be running again next year, as I have learned from the mistakes during this year's campaign period.

    Let's make change happen.

  5. It's a 95% vote for "none of the above"

  6. LOL. There are like 4 people complaining about the voter turnout.. Nobody cares about it. Know why? It isn't Feds that people hate, it's the annoying fucks like you who we hate. I am a regular student. I don't get involved much. But I do know what Feds does. I do know what they provide. I don't care much for their campaign but I get it. You know what I don't get? People like you who make attending meetings so fucking frustrating. Nobody gives as shit about YOU. It's the other way around. You complainers just complain and make it worse for everyone else. What I would like is for a Feds meeting to not be a waste of time.. guess who makes it a waste of time? You do. Feds hater. You do. So don't say that Feds is to blame for people like me not getting involved. For lack of interest or lack of engagement. It's people like YOU who ruin it for the majority of students. Nobody comes to these meetings or wants to get involved because people like YOU are around. People like you make it miserable for everyone because you are miserable people. Change your methods of engagement on the issues. Change your tactics. Accounts like @fedsdoesthat and other bullshit are just so childish. Grow the fuck up. If you truly want to represent some of those students who have issues with the way things are done around here, then do it. Don't be so self serving and arrogant. Fuck you.

  7. Lol, FEDS shouldn't even exist. I have no idea why we have to be forced into a stupid union with other students.

  8. Can someone explain to me why FEDS is so widely hated?
    For the 3 years I've been here, maybe FEDS didn't make me like them, but they didn't make me hate them either.

    1. Overpaid. Their salaries alone are among the highest, if not the highest, in Canada.s They are not worth it.

    2. LOL 8a, they're not anywhere near the highest paid student union execs in Canada.

      The President of the McMaster Association of Part-Time Students was getting paid almost 150k/year for a while. THAT'S overpaid.

      However, to answer your question 8, I'd say it's a combination of reasons on this site:
      -The usual ~5% who really just dislike this campus and the idea of "student engagement" and so find Feds and those who interact with it to be stupid; and
      -A larger number who feel that Feds doesn't actually do much with $3 million in student dollars every year that they couldn't do with half that amount and 1/4 the staff. This same demographic feels that Feds doesn't honestly understand students or student needs very well, which exacerbates the frustration even further.