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Updated on Wednesday, March 25


OMG: To my Speech Comm. prof:

You are incredibly disorganized.
The Learn page for your course looks like a Geocities webpage designed by an 8 year old. Putting info in 3 different places at random doesn't help me find anything.

Also, you need to stop revising assignments. Every assignment was revised at least three times, and you didn't even post the revised schedules on learn, you just sort of expected us to pick up on it.

For someone who's supposed to teach me how to improve my communication, you sure are bad at it.


  1. Jo Harvie? She is the most insane woman I have ever met.

    1. I'd have to disagree. I found Jo to be an exceedingly harsh marker, but not a bad instructor at all. If you want bad, in terms of communication (or lack thereof) take any Bio courses with Mungo Marsden. If a little scattered on the website (you had to actively search for things) at least Jo does put all the information in there AND answers questions.

    2. Jo is a good instructor. People simply cannot follow instructions.

    3. 1a, Mungo's communication might not be perfect but he was still a great prof who you can learn a lot from.

  2. Agree with 1a. She runs a good ship.

  3. Lost 8% for missing 2 classes. It was BS. I am a good speaker and participated a lot. Another girl that could hardly speak in front of the class did better than I did

  4. It seems like a reoccurring theme that SPCOM profs are technologically inept and have poor organization.