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Updated on Wednesday, March 25


OMG: I thought I was doing ok, but recently I realized I haven't fully moved on from my ex that I broke up with 2-3 years ago.

Last week, I expressed interest in going raving and he said he was going to the same event so he asked me to go with him. Two nights later, I got so drunk, I broke down at a party and I somehow ended up at his place. I was so exhausted I just passed out on his bed while he stayed up and continued studying (nothing happened). When I woke up and when he got back from his midterm, he asked me to get lunch and to go karaoking with him the next day. I can't get him out of my mind... why is he being so nice to me?!?

The worse part is... his girlfriend probably doesn't know about any of this (not even the fact that he's going raving)...


  1. Hi babes - I know it's hard but you should probably stop hanging out with him because
    1. You still have feelings for him but it never worked out the first time (things don't usually change second time)
    and 2. He has a girlfriend (seriously! if he's lying to her - what kind of guy is he really?)

  2. Just cause he's nice doesn't mean he has feelings for you, maybe he's just a nice person?
    And if he's that nice he probably doesn't want to betray his relationship with his girlfriend now....
    In summary, move on, or you'll destroy his relationship and everything will turn into a shit hole

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