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Updated on Tuesday, March 24


OMG: You'd think people that got in to Waterloo would be able to read and obey a sign that says silent study...and not play music and socialize. YOU'D THINK. I'M LOOKIN AT CHU XL EARL GREY TIMMIES GIRL.


  1. You think someone who got into Waterloo would be smart enough to realize that they should SAY something if they want the person making noise to stop rather then complain like a little bitch on an anonymous board...

    1. Thats obviously not the point. Why should the rest of us be responsible for telling these people to stfu when there are clear signs and rules that everyone is aware of. If they are being loud assholes it is most likely because they choose to do so in spite of the signs. It is reasonable for OP and others to complain about these people