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Updated on Tuesday, March 24


OMG: After all the bitching about the feds fee increase on here, is anyone actually going to show up to the feds GM to oppose it?


  1. Nope. Because the only people who bitch about it are either recent grads who are still bitter and can't vote or the same 6 people who are bitter at everything who just post to make it seem like they are more than 6 people.

  2. I can't, because FEDS scheduled it at the same time as my midterm.

    If they would stop organizing shit in the middle of the day when everyone is busy, maybe more people would take them seriously.

    1. Nobody is going to take you seriously with such idiotic logic. There is never going to be a time when the entire undergraduate population is free of midterms or classes and to blame Feds for scheduling something at a time you perceive to be inconvenient is narrow-minded. I will be attending the meeting because it is from 3-5pm, which is before I go home for the day and do not want to mission back to campus. People would complain if it was at, say, 9pm because then it's too late. There is no winning. To those who cannot attend, I believe you could have filled out a proxy form. There is no excuse, especially not timing.

    2. 2a, it's called an academic amnesty. Other schools have it

  3. Shouldn't have to go to some meeting to not pay more money. Shit like that should be put to an online vote where everybody can do it conveniently.