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Updated on Friday, March 20


OMG: Someone on my street keeps parking their car so it blocks the sidewalk, and it's starting to really bug me. I'm disabled and it's a pain (literally) having to navigate around it. I feel like calling the cops is too much, but like? Move your fucking car.


  1. you could always call a Bylaw officer too, fucking people have no respect.

  2. you can't call the police but you can take photos and contact by-law. quit bitching and just do something about it.

  3. In some areas it is actually a bylaw that you have to park your car between the houses or in a garage, and cannot have it sticking out past the front of your house. This would probably be dependent on the type of neighborhood because new cookie cutter subdivisions don't have space between the houses.

  4. Yeah, just call the bylaw officer. I believe the fine is somewhere between $45 and $75 dollars. Can't remember. Here's the number T. 519-747-8785

  5. or instead of trying to punish them just leave a note. They probably don't know they're inconveniencing you.

    1. ^I agree with this. Though there are generally bylaws against this, it would a nice courtesy to give them a note before reporting them as like said they may not be aware that it is inconveniencing you.

  6. Yep. Call bylaw. They'll get a nice fat ticket for sure. 519-653-7700 ask for dispatch. 5, it doesn't matter if they're inconveniencing him specifically. Every driver should know that blocking a sidewalk is against the law.