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Updated on Thursday, March 19


OMG: Why do the French Vanillas at Timmies in SLC taste so bland?! Ugh.


  1. Uhhh you should be worried because those things have about 60 grams of sugar. If they taste bland to you maybe start drinking something healthy like water and get tested for diabetes.

  2. Because they aren't French vanillas. If you want a real French vanilla, go buy French vanilla extract, make a cup of fine coffee, and put 1 drop of extract in the coffee per 250 ml of coffee.

    1. And on that note, I want a French vanilla. Winter is gone, I am less interested in HoCho now.

  3. because the employees don't know how to refill the machine, every single one i've had there since 2012 has been watered down like hell. the sch one is better.