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Updated on Tuesday, March 17


OMG: It's truly a miracle that some people manage to get into university. I just watched some guy at Browsers depress the plunger on the (clearly empty) hot water carafe about 20 times, taking a good minute to finally get a clue that hey, there is nothing coming out, maybe this thing is out of water? It was then replaced by a new carafe, and I watched him slowly and carefully line up the cup under the spout - except it wasn't under it, it was about 2 inches away - and he pushed the plunger, to of course have water gush onto the counter. He looked so surprised when it happened.


  1. Oh, this. People who can't grasp the glaringly obvious is my pet peeve!

  2. It's just one guy. There's no need to make such a big deal over someone who possibly hasn't used carafes a lot. It's the same with using the school printers. Once you've used it for the first time, it seems common sense to know how to print stuff, but there will always be others who haven't used it before and don't know how they work.

    1. I fucked up the first time I had to use a carafe. I also fucked up the first time I had to use a printer. Shit I even fuck up sometimes now if I haven't had enough sleep.

      Instead of just watching him struggle, lend him a hand. I'm more disappointed to be in the same school as OP than carafe guy.

  3. I feel like you just described my day.
    I usually come across as a really ditzy dumb blonde and have trouble with things like remembering where I put my keys or constantly forgetting which pocket I put my phone in. My boyfriend is unbelievably patient with me.
    I think it's things like this that make people surprised when they ask me for help in math or stat courses that after I try to explain a concept to them they give me blank stares and I've even been told, "wow, I guess you actually are smart," and then tell our friends how surprised they were.