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Updated on Tuesday, March 17


OMG: Petition was unsuccesful and now i've officially failed 1a engineering. fuck.


  1. Someone's its better to just retake it. I knew a guy who petitioned his way through 1A, only to horribly fail 1B. If you're failing so early on, maybe its time to admit maybe you just don't know the stuff and try again next year.

  2. Petition for what? Being stupid and/or irresponsible? If your petition was rejected it's probably because your reason for failing was bullshit.

    Don't be such a jerkoff next time. It's 1A, it's not hard.

  3. Friend of mine failed a term as well, she then went and registered with OPD (which is now the Accessibility Office) and got the help she needed to succeed.

  4. Hopefully things will be super easy this time around and you'll have time to get a head start on the stuff from next term and absolutely destroy 1B. This has been known to happen.

    Good luck.