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Updated on Sunday, March 15


OMG: Is it just me, or did Feds pull the big fee increase from the agenda? The only increase I see is the inflation one.


  1. It is there, it is Item 6 on the GM Agenda, right after the Feds fee increase of CPI, and just before the Orientation fee increase of CPI.

    What might confuse you is that it is put in dollar amount per term, as opposed to the percentage increase. It is weird that it was put in a different term, but whatever. Any more questions, shoot them to the executives, as they are pushing for this primarily and they are the ones who can answer any questions you might have.

  2. Student rebellion is always an option. Storm the meeting, take hostages, and demand to be treated fairly.

  3. Or you can just vote for the increase since it will result in the continuation of 2 key services as well as creating a vital and much needed volunteer centre (which the students asked for in a 2013 survey)

    1. Those services would likely continue anyways, as they represent really really small parts of the overall Feds budget and they can definitely find some money.

      Almost all of the fee increase is going towards paying for more full-time staff, which Feds does not need at all.

  4. Originally some of the fee increase was supposed to go toward re-instating WalkSafe, but they had to cut things down and they decided that was less important than more staff and more money for marketing.