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Updated on Sunday, March 15


OMG: DC library, DP, and the SLC need to start actually enforcing the quiet/silent rules in their silent study rooms. There is noise everywhere on campus, and despite the signs up telling people "this is a silent space. do not talk or listen to music" you still have assholes who think that the rules don't apply to them. Get out of the silent room and go to literally any other part of the library or SLC if you really have to talk. Don't fucking ruin the few quiet spaces on campus for those of us who need them.


  1. I remember it being really enforced strictly when I was in first and second year then it just kinda stopped and now they only care if you're on phone quietly or eating.

  2. If it's in SLC report it to turnkey, they have asked people to leave before for repeat noise offenses. Problem is that not many people do report and instead just stew in anger when others are noisy. Also you could just let the people know they are being distracting and ask them to stop... Has worked well for me in past.