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Updated on Thursday, March 12


OMG: To the guy doing a skype interview on the 6th floor of DP this morning,
You seemed to have pretty good interview skills but if you think it's appropriate to do an interview for over 15 minutes on a silent study floor then I highly doubt you'd be competent as an employee (despite any past experience working at UPS). I would have said something if it were anything other than an interview but, nonetheless, I hope you get the job and put an end to this idiocy.
Your friend on the other side of the 6th floor.


  1. call them out on it. they're being a selfish asshole, you be a selfish asshole right back at them. that's what they risk when they made that decision. there are private study rooms you can book---in SLC, in DC, you can even book empty classrooms in MC and other buildings. he was taking advantage of the knowledge that the silent and quiet study floors are used for their actual purpose.

  2. Should call him out during the interview so the interviewers know he is a dick.

  3. Not that I think the library was an appropriate place for an interview either, but I'm fairly certain that the 6th floor isn't technically a silent study floor. Floors 7 and 8 are officially silent from what I can remember.

    1. It i was definitely inappropriate and it was probably uncomfortable to watch too

  4. Can't you ask the co-op people for a room to do an interview? Half the time I have had a phone interview, at least half the rooms are not being used. Just toss people in there and we solve everything. They don't need to leave campus, and they don't disrupt people.