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Updated on Thursday, March 12


OMG: The group of girls at 2:15 decided on the most innovative way to walk around the increasing amount of puddles in the city. 


  1. that's so cute!

    Also, good on the friend who gave the piggyback. she had hunters on but her little friend would have ruined her moccasins in that mud

  2. You're wearing knee-high rubber boots.... why did you still go AROUND the puddle? I see people do things like this every day and I don't understand it.

    1. well friend let me tell you, sometimes even when you are wearing knee-high rubber boobs, as you walk through a puddle the water can splash up onto your pants or your coat and then you are either wet or covered in gross puddle mud.

    2. Two reasons (warning this is going to sound like the most first world white girl complaint)
      1. The puddles are often salty and the salt gets alll over your boots
      2. The puddles are cold, which makes the inside of your boots cold.

      Source: white girl with knee high boots who walks around puddles

  3. top kek. good fun

  4. Yeehaw, a new way to meet girls. Thank you, OP