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Updated on Wednesday, March 11


Dear obnoxious person in Veteran's green area this afternoon (Monday). Suddenly charging at another person and acting as if you are going to hurt them is not funny. Especially when you are a tall dude and the other person is a small girl, who looked visibly upset afterwards. I know you and your friends thought it was hilarious but that shit is just not funny at all, you probably had her scared for her life.


  1. The amount of stupidity running around is endless. How long until these "adults" start behaving like a civilized person? I shall never know

  2. One of these days they will do it to the wrong person (someone trained in self-defence). I guarantee that will be the last time they do it.

  3. some really idiotic people live right around there. there was a crude sign out on st. paddy's day that said "daughter drop off" that had clearly been used before, and they were super rowdy and genuinely disturbing everyone around them during Laurier's homecoming. i want to say "frat boys" in a disgusted sneer, but honestly most of the frat boys i've met here have been sweethearts. i don't have words for these idiots.