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Updated on Thursday, March 5


OMG: When you're not sure if it's better to commit suicide or withdraw from a class.


  1. Hope you're doing okay, please please please speak with your undergraduate/graduate advisor if you're feeling this way (sooner better than later), I will personally vouch for that fact that it can help a lot.

  2. OP I care about you.

  3. Please reach out to someone - a friend, a counsellor, your academic advisor... Your academic success is not more valuable than your life!

  4. If you are serious, then please reach out to someone OP (there is free anonymous phone counselling for university students from Good2Talk: 1-866-925-5454)

    If you are joking, please don't make jokes about suicide.

  5. Email me about the course

    I can give you a couple of free tutoring sessions

  6. Probably the latter, OP. Life goes on despite how scary things look. Throwing your life away over a couple of university courses just isn't right.

  7. @OP I felt this way and actually withdrew from the term and I'm feeling so much better.

  8. OP, academics might seem like the most important thing in life right now. Academics are indeed important, but your well-being comes first. Yes, university performance can determine whether you 'succeed' or 'fail' at life, but what good is success if it costs you your life? We all have different paths, and while education is the conventional one, it is not for everyone. So please know that withdrawing from the course is not the end of the world. You will go on, and things will get better. It is not worth your life. You are so much more precious and valuable than a passing grade. I encourage you to reach out to someone, even though it may be hard to believe that someone would want to hear about how you are doing. The people you need are out there: you just got to find them. I wish I could encourage you in person. But I'll do my best here, and just say that your life is worth more than all the A+s or PhDs or promotions out there. You are important because you are you.

  9. In case anyone ever needs someone just to talk to in Waterloo Region ...
    - Supportive and Confidential Listening (519-745-1166)
    - Here 24/7: Addictions, Mental Health & Crisis Services (1-844-437-3247)
    - Youth Line (519-745-9909)
    - Good2Talk Support Line for Post-secondary Students (1-866-925-5454)
    - WLU Peer Help Line (1-866-281-7337)
    - 24-hour Support Line for Sexual Violence Survivors (519-741-8633)
    - Mental Health and Addictions Database Line (519-744-5594)

  10. Dude you will just get a wd which does nothing to you. If this is your final wd or fail then I'd worry, but even then not suicide!

  11. No course is worth more than a life. Please take care of yourself!

  12. Please reach out for help. Someone here posted the number for Good2Talk, which is great resource for students. Nothing in the world is worth your life OP.

  13. OP here - thank you for the concerned messages.
    Suffice it it say, things were weird and I did not remember if I had made this post when the website updated the same day.
    I dropped the class; felt liberating.

    1. Keep in touch OP. We're not going to stop caring about you. Nor anyone else reading who's in the same kind of situation.