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Updated on Tuesday, March 3


OMG: FEDS is asking students for around $250,000. Not $150,000 like a previous commenter posted.

This is ludicrous. There is no way that anybody can justify throwing more money at an organization that is so poorly run.


  1. Justifying this can come from specific, detailed, itemized expenditure transparency with aggregate dollar amounts. This has always been lacking, with large amounts lumped together instead of being split out so we know where the money's going. The concealment of this use of our money, usually through appealing to privacy is an unresolved issue.

    1. Detailed itemized breakdown of the $4.75 fee increase and exactly where it's going:

    2. 1a: that breakdown is not itemized at all, considering the $1.88 for clubs societies and services would come to about $150,000. Which clubs get more money? Which services will be getting more money?
      That is just a basic example. We should be provided with a much more extensive breakdown of all the costs.

    3. You can always email one of the exec for questions. idk