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Updated on Tuesday, March 3


OMG: Can someone please explain to me why the school wants us to pay $25 a term for E7? Don't they already take enough money from us?


  1. We only pay something like half of what it costs for the university. The government covers the other half. International students will know this because they will pay around twice as much as domestic students. As long as I don't have to pay the full thing, I am happy.

  2. Actually students pay a very small amount of the total cost for the building ($1 million out of a total $88 million).
    However, students shouldn't have to pay extra for the building at all. Students pay $7000/term of tuition. Space should be part of that.

  3. Referendum question: “Are you in favor of a one million dollar student donation to the building of Engineering 7 paid through an optional fee of $25 dollars per student per term to be collected starting once the building is open and continuing until the one million dollar contribution has been fully paid, with any collected surplus acquired after the final payment has been made going towards furnishing the undergraduate student spaces in the building?”

    Voting NO:

    Voting YES:

    Whatever you decide, please remember to vote on March 11th!

  4. Think about it like this. E7 costs $88 million. The university is paying the $87 billion to build the structure, building envelope, building systems, and finish most of the rooms in the building. All of the costs for new rooms for ECE, BioMed, etc are being fronted by the Faculty of Engineering.

    They are asking for $1 from students to cover what is effectively a "tenant fit out" of the study room student space. The structure and everything else is already there, we are just paying to outfit it into a student space.

    I know some people see it as ridiculous to ask students for more money when we already pay far too much in tuition. But this $25 is more of a symbolic gesture more then anything else. It's a way that Dean Sullivan can leverage sponsors for multimillion dollar donations by saying "see what the building will do for students? They support it too."

    Lastly (and keep in mind this part is merely my speculation from construction experience) a lot of people are saying if we vote no the student study room will still be built. After all, the student room is on the architectural drawings. But that can easily change. We're at a point where there isn't even a shovel in the ground yet. That room could easily be repurposed to university offices, a lab, etc prior to E7 being built. Change orders like this happen all the time in construction. If we vote no, there is a very real possibility the rooms purpose changes by the time the building opens in 2018. From the universities perspective, if we can't fund something "small" in their eyes like this, why should they give us space.

    Plus $25 a term is well worth paying for everything E7 provides.