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Updated on Thursday, February 26


OMG: For those who always bitch about not knowing... now you know. Feds AGM Details

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  1. 5% voter turnout, and 10% fee increase.

    I have no words. These people are naive morons if that is what they think students actually want.

  2. Yeah, cuz I am sure they really think students want a 5% voter turnout? Also, it is $4.74 with the largest majority of the increase going to student groups and getting a new fucking website. What I don't agree with is the IT department getting more money. They do NOTHING for students directly except support some tech for events and the computers for services. Why can't the IT department just do a better job with what they have? If they suck at it, fire them and get new people!

    1. Because what they have sucks and is nearly 10 years out of date?

      I'm not saying there needs to be a fee increase to get them more money, but having more allocated to them would definitely be beneficial, and would improve the quality of Feds services by a significant factor.

  3. Show up and vote.

    Things you can do:

    ->Argue in favour and vote yes.
    ->Argue against and vote no. Note this would cancel ANY fee increase for Feds this year (effectively forcing them to optimize their resources to adjust for a net DECREASE by inflation).
    ->Amend the motion so that the increase is more/less. For instance, you could make it inflation only.
    ->Move to refer the question to a student referendum. Make the entire student body vote on this issue.

    Surely one of these options will suit you.