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Updated on Thursday, February 26


OMG: Dear idiot moving at a snail's pace at the DP cafe milk/sugar bar: If you're going to take 5 minutes to adjust your milk and sugar in your coffee and take multiple delicate, slow sips of it to ensure its quality is up to standard for your elite lips, and manage to block everything on the counter in the process of your highly scientific process, don't give me a dirty look when I'm trying to get around you to grab the milk for one 0.02 second pour. Some people have important things to do and places to be, unlike you.


  1. "elite lips" lol I love it

  2. haters gonna hate, hes enjoying his perfectly mixed coffee and nigga u mad

  3. Are you me OP? I was stuck behind some girl yesterday who appeared to think she was the only one in the room. Said "excuse me" so I could grab a lid and she just stared at me.

  4. You are very angry about this. I would let things like this slide, you will live a longer happier life.

    1. The argument could be correctly made that people who do things excessively slowly without concern for others could be taking up time from others' lives that could be happily spent actually doing things.