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Updated on Thursday, February 26


OMG: Dear UW Students,
I used to be one of you. I was stressed, I was poor, I was hungover.

Classes were hard, teachers were strict, and I could never get enough sleep. I thought about giving up all the time, thinking, "maybe I am not cut out for Uni..." Well.... I am here today to tell you, YES YOU, that it's all worth it. Real life is much shittier, believe me, but what UW puts you through will put you a helluva lot higher in the world than most othe schools. The juice (in this case it is blood, sweat, and tears) is worth the squeeze. You can do it. Don't give up. Go that extra hour on the books, go to that 8:30 class, and go out for that beer. Live it all and you'll look back on these times as your glory days. :)


  1. "what UW puts you through will put you a helluva lot higher in the world than most othe schools."

    I stopped reading after that. Perhaps if you attended another institution you would realize how feeble this sounds.

    1. It sure does. I've talked to a lot of people about this...on co-op terms, friends of my parents, whatever. In the long run no one gives a shit. In terms of doing well, I look at my dad's circle of friends, a lot of them have done well, and they are either doing things where their undergrad isn't really applicable, or in a couple of instances they don't have a degree.

  2. Honestly, you're both missing the point. It's not about the long run - it's about the first five years. Will you be able to afford to buy a house before you're 40? The answer mostly depends on the first five years. Same with sending your own kids to college - or even having kids and still living comfortably.

    And that's where OP is correct. You will be more hireable right off the bat. Which puts you way ahead. When most people are getting their first real jobs, you might be the one hiring them. Think about that.