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Updated on Wednesday, February 25


OMG: #20558 here. I am filing against my landlord to terminate my tenancy early (April 30), and with all the documented evidence I have, my report that was supposed to be a 2 paragraph (summary based on space on the T2 form) is going to be a 10+ page report of why no one should have to live with this dumb fuck.

Oh, and the list of things he has done gets longer:

He has threatened to spill curry on my appliances, which could do up to $700 in damages, and threats like this are something he seems to like relying on to get his way.

MOD's NOTE: Please share this report. 


  1. Y'all got straight up rajungled

  2. I'm interested in following up on this. If you'd like, shoot me an email.

  3. what part of ur a great roommate do u not get

  4. Why doesn't your landlord evict the room mate? Did you try to convince him/her OP?

    1. I've tried, the landlord says "I was not there to see it happen, so I cannot do this." Thus I am filing against him with the Board.

  5. @the Mods, nope, as much as I would love to reveal personally identifiable information, no can do.

  6. Please keep us updated OP. Hope things go well.

  7. You're actually my fucking hero. When this is all sorted out please post a detailed description of the entire process you went through and link to it on OMGUW so more people can do the same thing as you. We need to start holding landlords and roommates accountable for their bullshit, they're drunk on power and think they can do whatever the fuck they want because theydon't think someone will actually take legal action since most people don't know how and wouldn't even know where to start. This'll get 'em in line