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Updated on Wednesday, February 25


OMG: So the same Feds exec that just spent 50k on giant iPads for the SLC that don't even work now wants more money for "special projects"?? Fuck off Feds.


  1. If you show up to the General Meeting, you can vote against the fee increase.

    It is shitty of the Feds exec for doing this, but it can be stopped pretty easily, as long as enough people mobilize.

    Get 50 people and this thing won't pass. Hopefully WPIRG steps up to the plate on this one.

  2. What happened to the proposed fee DECREASE a few years ago?

    1. The meeting ended before it could be voted on.

  3. Feds didn't want the fee decrease. Now Feds wants more staff. Surprise, surprise.

  4. WPIRG won't be taking a position on the fee increase. Source: WPIRG BoD.

    It's going to be up to the students to mobilize themselves, and I hope to god they do.