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Updated on Tuesday, February 24


OMG: You know what makes me so mad about the way things are run in uwaterloo? Feds. They're supposed to have our best interests at heart, supposed to work for us, they're supposed to REPRESENT us. But how come all feds people get snowdays and days off when the weather becomes too harsh and the rest of us, the populace, are supposed to walk around and carry on in the biting cold. Smh.


  1. University fucks up and keeps it open when they clearly shouldn't. Therefore Feds should follow suit? It's not like Feds had any say in the university's decision.

    There are many reasons to dislike Feds. This is not one.

  2. I don't think you fully understand how Feds works...

  3. SMH. Try blaming the right group next time.

  4. This doesn't make any sense. When the University did not consider the safety of its people, Feds did. I would actually argue Feds made a strong statement by closing when the University chose to remain open. It actively says "we do not agree with your policy."

  5. I demand dictatorship. More efficient.

  6. Get your shit right OP, Feds made the right call here

  7. LMfao... i thought this post was building up to some real problem. nope. fking op complains about snowdays haha

    1. I had higher hopes too. First 3 1/3 lines were intriguing. Could have been a good jumping off point for some important shit.

  8. How bad was that snow storm? 10cm? cold? windy? sound like winter in Canada to me. You have any idea how many workplaces including outdoor workplaces stayed open during the storm and during this severe cold, safety?.

    Unless it's a massive storm like the east coast got you better give your head a shake before playing the safety card on this storm, it was an average snow event. Imagine telling your boss at work you aren't coming in because it's snowing outside? Think about it.

    Safety issue because it's snowing outside? in winter? in Canada?. Hello!, this wasn't the blizzard of the century like the east coast got with 200+cm of snow. This storm meant you had to walk through snow and no folks if you think all sidewalks need to be plowed to bare cement before it's safe for you to walk on them think again.

    Safety? how about embrace winter!