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Updated on Sunday, February 22


To the professors who put three midterms all on the same day! Do ya'll not talk to each other? i mean all the courses are in the same faculty and program too. Planning kids know what I'm talking about


  1. As long as you don't cram and actually do real studying it shouldn't be a problem

  2. Bohoo please remind me how university is supposed to cater to your needs

  3. The irony that this is in the planning department...

    1. Seriously speaking, this kind of scheduling problem is usually studied by CS or CO department.

  4. Pleb. Can't handle the heat? Git out of uw

  5. planning...... TOP KEK

  6. enbus kid here, i feel your pain OP. us environment kids always get shafted. definitely bring it up with your instructors because this isn't allowed:

    if you scroll down to "Other Tests and Examinations", it says:

    In instances where a student has adjacent tests or examinations or when a student has more than two tests or examinations in a given day, the student should request relief from instructors within one week of the notification that caused the conflict. The relief may take the form of moving a test or examination to a new time or date; shifting the weight of the test to other evaluation mechanisms with the course, or other mutually agreed upon solutions.

    dispute that shit. and good luck with all your exams!