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Updated on Tuesday, February 17


I feel like I'm having some sort of quarter life crisis. I love Waterloo and all of the friends i've made here ... but i've finally come to accept that i'm not in the right faculty and it doesn't seem like any school in KW offer what i'm really interested in. i'm so torn. Is it worth it to uproot my life here in order to pursue a better sounding program elsewhere? or can I settle for something slightly less at UW/Laurier?


  1. Do it. Pursue your dreams. You can get loans and jobs and make new friends with time, you can find new familiarity in new surroundings, but what you do now can help you decide what you want to do for the rest of your life. Be happy, take chances and deal with the fallout if things go belly up. Don't settle for comfort, you can become comfortable elsewhere just like you became comfortable in Waterloo. Good luck, OP!

  2. You are talking about the rest of your life. Do you want to be stuck doing something you don't want to do? Go where ever you need to go to get the program you want. You can always come back after you graduate if you really want to. Think about the international students who come to Waterloo, barely knowing the language, not knowing anyone here. If they can do that, you can go somewhere else in Canada.

  3. I faced a similar dilemma. I decided to stay and finish my degree. I believe I made the right decision because my degree hold far more value than the one I really wanted.

    Also, think about how much money you and your family (and time) has already invested.

    Plus consider how 80% of people end up working on something that is not related to their degree.

    People need to start waking up to reality and that degrees really mean very little. Dreams are made up, and most of us are going to have unexpected turns that we can not foresee.

  4. i would suggest considering all avenues. depending on what your dreams are there could be room for compromise for the estimated benefits and costs if available. it really depends on the degree in question i think as some don't really matter where you earn them, while some can have drastic changes in value depending on where one enrolls. it's really hard to say honestly, just make sure you take responsibility for the outcome. i've been in the same situation honestly and it was a tough time that required a lot of work and resolve to follow what i truly believed in. for myself it's worked out in the end. i hope you find your path as well.

  5. You haven't really provided us with enough detail to help you. If you've done more than two years, I'd say stick it out. If not, go for it but keep in mind every school has its pros and cons that you won't be aware of until you experience them firsthand. Personally, I transferred schools after first year and didn't regret it. The things I regret tend to be the things I do *not* do.

  6. Absolutely! If you're gut feeling is that you aren't where you want to be, then you should follow it! I did the same thing when i started having doubts about my program. I switched, and my life made a vast improvement! :)