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Updated on Tuesday, February 17


OMG: The Waterloo Regional Police Service is offering the following tips and strategies to proactively reduce the chances of Break and Enters during Reading Week. Working together we can reduce crime and enhance safety.

1. Make sure keep your doors locked even when at home.
2. Keep expensive items in a secure place or take them with you.
3. Communicate your schedules with your roommates and make an effort to lock the door each time you leave your residence.
4. Do not give out access codes for your building to anyone and do not buzz in anyone you do not know. When entering the main door ensure the door closes and refuse entry to anyone who has not used the keypad code to open the door.
5. Report any suspicious activity to the Police by either calling 519-653-7700 or 9-1-1 for emergencies.

Stay Safe my fellow peers!


  1. I will shoot anyone who breaks into my house.

    1. With what, dirty looks? I think that will just make them want in more.

  2. 6. Never talk to cops.