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Updated on Friday, February 13


Being able to rate comments would be cool.
MOD'S NOTE: Thoughts? 


  1. Being able to *find* comments would be cool. Mods fix your search!
    Anonymous rating of anything just allows spamming. That's why i ignore the stars for omgs and look at how many comments there are to evaluate interesting OMG's.

  2. Disagree, I like it the way it is. I wouldn't want it to become too much like reddit, we already have one of those. Also I agree with the spamming and trolling problem.

  3. Comment rating would be dope.

  4. rating other people's ratings would be cool. and then commenting on each individual rating of a rating, and then rating those comments, and then commenting on all those subsequent comments.

  5. No it's a terrible idea because any comment that goes against popular opinion will be rated 1 star. Please don't turn this website into reddit.

  6. Preemptively didn't work. How about I retroactively rate my own comments and self-filter? No that's a bad idea.

  7. I think it's not a bad idea. Seriously, going on OMGUW is bad enough, who the fuck has the time to spam the ratings system?

    1. .. because it takes so long to press "upvote"?
      The main people who'd spam it would be the poster or whoever they're arguing with. They'd make the time. And their votes would give us no useful information. It'd needlessly clutter the pages.

      Mods, instead if you're going to do anything, fix search, and put the OMG's back in numerical order. Some seem missing or entire omg blocks are out of place. Something's been fucking it up.