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Updated on Tuesday, February 10


OMG: To the amazing girl who bought my lunch when I didn't have enough money on my WatCard. You have a really big heart and I want to say thank you! Inspired me to pay it forward. I hope if we ever cross paths again I can return the favour! You were crazy nice!


  1. I bet she had a meal-plan. I miss my V1 meal plan :/

    1. why? the v1 meal plan is total rip off :( You get a 50% "discount" but the amount you paid initially is cut in half. If you don't use your money before you move out of residence, bye bye discount.

    2. this isn't even a real discount... it's more of a compensation for taking half of your money at the beginning of the school year. You aren't actually saving any money from this meal plan.

    3. The biggest ripoff is that 50% discount doesn't apply on the snacks and drinks so you're actually paying double for those things.