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Updated on Monday, February 9


OMG: #20468 once again. Still voting for Chris, Maaz and Stephane, and now: Carly.

So my last post before polling starts. It’s been fun analyzing the candidates this year. I have one new decision after the Exec debate, but I’ll recap everything.

President: I fully think Chris is the candidate to pick. Knows his shit better than anyone in this election, I’d say. His ideas have impressed me, and I believe he has the knowledge and skill set to get them done.

VPIN: Maaz. So he kinda turned me off at the exec debate, since he claimed responsibility for things this past year, when I know they weren't his ideas or executed by him. But that transgression aside, he is still the pick for VPIN. Familiar with the role, and good relationships already built.

VPED: Even if he had decent competition, Stephane would be the clear choice. He knows his position better than any other student on campus, and his relationships built this year will only improve his work next year.

VPOF: I started out in support of Ben. Now I’ll be voting for Carly. Her passion and connection to students is what has done it for me. At first, I didn't think she had the experience. She still doesn't, but she has proved she can learn quickly, and is more competent than I thought. Some of her big ideas won’t happen (imo) because they just aren't feasible. However, she cares so much for Feds and students.

My recommendation to voters:
Chris, Maaz, and Stephane should be locks. You should absolutely vote for these three, they know their stuff the best—by far! For VPOF, I think it falls down to:
- If you want more of the same, but good stability, pick Ben
- If you want to take a risk, but have great potential for Feds, pick Carly


  1. Thanks for your analyses these past couple of weeks. I really appreciated them. I'll be voting the same ballot myself.

  2. I'm picking Carly myself.

  3. Agree with everything except I would change one thing:
    - If you want more of the same, stability, and to see little change, then pick Ben
    - If you want to take a risk, but absolutely see some changes implemented (risky because we don't know if good or bad), then pick Carly

    Great analysis though! Appreciate it!

  4. Maaz is a disaster waiting to happen. If CTRL-A pulls its support from the Clubs Library Maaz is handling, that is a pretty significant fuck up.

    1. LOL...its Jessica again ^. No one gives a fuck about your Clubs Library. Enjoy the rest of your witch hunt against Maaz

    2. If CTRL-A pulls its support, can we just not do the fucking waste of space clubs library? That would be fantastic. Let's make CTRL-A die!

  5. Disagree about Stephane, yes he has good connections, but he doesn't understand the position. He does not include students in a lot of the big discussions happening on campus and speaks from his own perspective always. He is very bad at putting aside his own idealization of what people want and actually listening to the students. But anyway. I would recommend a a no candidate ballot for VP Ed.

    1. "People don't know what's good for them."
      ->Stephane Hamade

  6. Maaz, its spelled like maize... Seems corny to me.