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Updated on Sunday, February 8


OMG: I would like to take this opportunity to post a 'rant' about the Feds President, the Feds Elections Officer, and the Elections and Referenda Committee.
I have put in significant effort to maintain fairness in this election, and have submitted many allegations and complaints around the conduct of candidates, and yet I am being consistently denied the opportunity for them to even be considered.

My allegations have been deemed frivolous, when that is certainly not the case, just because the people running the elections are personal friends of the candidates against whom I was making allegations.

I have also heard from other sources that the decision-makers on my allegations have personally contacted the candidates, their friends, and told them about the situation, and then proceeded to dismiss my claims without so much as an explanation.

TLDR: the Feds elections are fraudulent and are being corrupted by the Feds Elections Officer and the Feds President.


  1. I am a fellow candidate and have experienced the same thing. I would encourage you to speak with Feds staff that is not Danielle. Dave McDougal is a great and trustworthy guy.

    I have also heard rumors that the results will be ruled invalid by senate/council.

    1. whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, where are you hearing that from?

    2. Calling bullshit on this claim. The Senate is part of the university, and has no say on Feds. Council maaaay have the authority to deem it invalid, but we haven't had anything terrible enough to warrant it (also this Council doesn't have the backbone to do it)

    3. It's all Sean Hunt's fault.

    4. The GM can overrule the results, that's for sure. Especially if what is being said is true. Have you or OP attempted to contact the appeals committee?

    5. Sorry for graduating, I guess.

  2. OP, you can appeal the decision to the Appeal's Committee. If you don't at least try that, you won't get any sympathy here.

  3. Did you ever consider that your claims are bullshit and nobody fucking cares about your shitty twitter claims? Go fuck a duck.