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Updated on Sunday, February 8


OMG:  a - Apparent r/uwaterloo had an election AMA and no one answered any questions? What happened there?

b - Really hating Team Fusion right now. Currently they are the reason the Reddit exec candidate AMA isn't happening. I was really looking forward to seeing all candidate answers too.

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  1. Apparently all you need to do is complain on OMGUW to get Team Gold to do something. They have all their responses up now.

  2. to be fair, it was scheduled as a "Live AMA" for Monday... so not sure why it is open now...


    The exact dates for the moderated discussion panel is up for grabs, we want a bunch of questions. This thread is a contest-mode thread for proposing questions that you want asked.
    Please pose them in this format:
    [Role|Team] Question?
    For example:
    [President] What are the steps we could take as students to compel the provost to go to school via public transit on days when Laurier is closed (and UW isn't)?
    Here's a quick refresher on the people running for roles. This debate/ama will be executive (President, VPI, VPE, VPO&F) only, because I also have assignments to do. The "official page" on the nominees is here.
    I'll try to announce when the moderated discussion forum is happening by Wednesday, after I have a chance to talk to reps.
    The poll is going to close on Thursday.

    1. so why is it still in contest mode? I think it should change to regular mode so that it's easier to see the questions (and the responses) with the highest upvotes

  4. the same fucking twat "Doctor Turner" asked all the questions in that thread. Who the fuck really cares that much?

    1. drturner is probably Doug Turner, who is a member of Council. It is his responsibility to care.

    2. MOOOOOOOOODS. This comment breaks the rules. No names. Get your shit together.