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Updated on Sunday, February 8


OMG: End of the second week of Feds elections, and we just have one more day (Monday) before voting happens. Here is my opinion on what is going to happen:

Chris for sure now. Baiju has proven himself pretty pathetic and useless as a candidate, and Paula is catching up pretty quickly to Baiju too. It'd take a major fuck-up by Chris for him to lose.

Stephane for sure, even though I'd love to see Birnbaum get elected and totally fuck everything up for Feds.

Ben and Carly really are neck and neck. Ben has been hit pretty hard by the Mapped In kiosks, and Carly certainly has shown that she is capable and a very good candidate. It will probably depend a lot on the debate on Monday for this race. If Carly can improve her debating skills somehow, then she stands a very good chance at winning. Ben needs to improve his ability to put a positive spin on things too, otherwise he is definitely beat.

Going to Maaz for sure. The other candidates all pale in comparison. Mike is as pathetic and useless as Baiju is. Jessica seems totally crazy and lacks any understanding of how Feds works. Matt is the only person who can maybe give Maaz a run for his money. The thing Maaz and Matt are depending on is their support from campus groups. Who will pander to the most clubs? Only time can tell.


  1. Really don't want to see Maaz in office again :\ Prayer space as his main platform plank is really not inclusive of all of campus... FEDS should not be acting on behalf of special interest groups when they could be doing things that *everyone* can access. And then there was the fact that he ran on a mental health platform, then did LITERALLY NOTHING in that department his entire tenure.

    Would love to see Matt win.

  2. There are people who actually like that good for nothing Maaz? Really? Anyone is better than Maaz, and I have heard rumors Jessica might disqualify herself today to ensure Maaz doesn't get reelected.

    1. what? that would just be the cherry on top of all the crazy shit she has done.

  3. Maaz started Co-op Connection, Clubs Support Team, is working on Volunteer Database, and WalkSafe. Not to mention Fall Welcome Week had a kickass carnival and an SLC Arcade all week. He has fixed a lot of issues with the satellite campuses and more. If you don't know shit, don't say anything. Makes you sound like an ignorant dumbass


      Co-op connection was in motion before his term
      Clubs support team was not his idea, it was the clubs manager's
      Volunteer database stemmed from Danielle
      WalkSafe has been in talks every since it was removed
      Welcome Week was *entirely* thanks to Kumar

      The only thing he can claim he did, was "fixed a lot of issues with the satellite campuses" since I have no idea what those were.