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Updated on Sunday, February 8


OMG: Let's look at what the Feds exec have done this year.

Ben: Got fancy maps for the SLC.
Maaz: Got prayer space in MC.
Stephane: Held a referendum on reading week.

I can't really think of anything else they have done. Do they really deserve to be re-elected?


  1. Gold and Birnbaum!

  2. Why did we need a prayer space in MC? Its not that much further to walk to the SLC.

  3. Fall reading week is honestly a pretty big deal...

  4. Ben deserves to be shot, Maaz deserves to have his MSA dick sucking and not caring about anyone else shoved back in his face, and Stephan deserves to win only because Birnbaum is a joke.

  5. Wait what? Prayer space in MC?