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Updated on Thursday, February 5


OMG: To the disgusting fuck on my PHIL class who keeps collecting his dandruff and putting it on a pile. You need to seriously consider your hygiene standards. Are people that fucking busy that they can't take a shower? GTFO!!!!!!


  1. heh... dandruff man here
    I was pretending to be dirty
    Trolled you so hard :^)
    Gotacha you fuckin newfag
    1/5 stars try harder faggot

  2. Relax dude. We all have our quirks. Someone elses dandruff should be one of your least concerns.... Get over it man.

    1. ^ The guy who was picking dandruff out of his hair in class. No dude, you are gross. Do that at home.

  3. It's also possible that he has a form of dermatitis meaning no level of hygiene can get rid of his dandruff. Picking at it and piling it up in class is a little odd though.

  4. Blame Team Fusion. Its the new goose, except less endearing.

  5. If I scratch my head hard enough with longer finger nails I scrape off dandruff. I don't collect it, just scrape it out onto the floor, or garbage can if I am at my desk, and keep scraping more off. Once I tried to collect it to see how much I was actually taking off, and it really isn't that much.

  6. Lmao. Literally. XD