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Updated on Tuesday, February 3


OMG: #20251/20425 here: tl;dr is Chris, Maaz, Stephane and idk

So after the imprint debate I'm more sure of some things, and less sure of others:

Chris for Prez.
Has been my pick from the beginning, and nothing has pointed me to another candidate.

Maaz for VPIN.
Services debate locked it up for me, and he is more in touch with students than his competition.

Stephane for VPED.
Birnbaum may be trying to smear him, but he is still by far the better choice.

I honestly don't know what my VPOF ballot is anymore. Not that I've lost confidence in Ben, but I've just never been sure of anyone for this one. I don't know if I'll ever decide who to pick.

Why this is a good ballot: These 5 people come from a split between teams. Which is a good thing. It forces them to challenge each other's ideas. And they've already worked together all year in Feds, so I don't think there will be any drama between them (see 2013/14)


  1. Services are a small part of Feds, Mike is more knowledgeable about special events and Matt is with societies

    1. Matt also knows clubs, but I see where you're coming from. It's a shame we can't combine these three people into Mittazz.

    2. What about Jessica Dineen?

  2. Carly impressed me in the debates, not as much experience, but doesn't have a history of a comedy of errors.

    1. Yeah, 'new start' comes to mind. Ben seems to be touting how he has the experience of the past year, and how that is what makes him the best candidate, but once anybody gets past the several-month learning curve, they could do way better than him.

      It seems like Carly just needs to show everybody that she is totally capable. Her platform is weak, but the stuff she has said in debates means she has a really clear understanding of problems Feds faces.

    2. Team Gold: Anustart

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