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Updated on Tuesday, February 3


OMG: My opinions of candidates after the Imprint debate.

Chris still seems the most solid and knowledgeable. It is clear Paula is trying, but she just doesn't seem to get it. Baiju is pretty much a joke still, even though it seems like he is taking it seriously.
All my money is still on Chris.

Maaz is still clearly the strongest candidate. Jessica is presenting some interesting points but is still clearly joke too. Mike is becoming less of a joke, as he has some decent ideas, but it is tough to distinguish yourself when your name is "Purple Crew". Matt stil seems pretty unsure, but he has some pretty game-changing ideas. The other candidates seemed to gang up on him, because they all had similar ideas and Matt was pretty different.
It'll be interesting to see how that one turns out.

Stephane. He wins just by virtue of showing up. David didn't bother and clearly can't be treated as a serious candidate.

Ben is still clearly stronger, but Carly has some pretty game-changing ideas too. Ben handled himself well even with really tough questions, but didn't acknowledge his failures. Carly seems to understand what is wrong, but doesn't have many ways proposed to fix things.
My money is on Ben still, but Carly is really catching up. She needs to distinguish herself as being capable, as that is really Ben's big asset (as an incumbent).


  1. This seems to be the consensus. Chris, Maaz, and Stephane, with VPOF going either way.

    1. Ben knows more about Feds, Carly cares more about Feds.

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  4. Stephane may as well be acclaimed into the position. People shouldn't run for a position if they're on co-op and can't even show to the debates.

    1. That's very unfair to say, not everyone has the luxury of choosing if or when they do coop.