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Updated on Monday, February 2


Being too poor to afford winter boots while UW stays open because apparently safety and comfort of students is not important.


  1. yes, the school being open put a lot of students in danger, but without boots your feet would have gotten wet on any day. i don't see how the two can be related. there's a value village in kitchener on ottawa, one in kitchener at sportsworld (a bit of a distance, but the buses stop really close to it), and a salvation army on highland in the shoppers drug mart plaza above westmount. there have been lots of consignment stores popping up too. also, never underestimate kijiji - you just have to keep an eye on it to nab the good stuff. KW is amazing for thrifting if you know where to look. i've even found brand new timberlands which are waterproof for under $30. good luck and stay warm!

  2. If the schools stays open and you can't get there safely, don't go... One missed day won't mean much especially considering a good portion of any class would be missing.