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Updated on Monday, February 2


OMG: For those campaigning for the Feds election:
Something needs to be done about UW's inclement weather policy. I know that reforms were called for last year but, today, it seems that such talks were just false sentiments. Students, who fund the university and give its very existence meaning, need a greater voice regarding closures. At the very least, if other schools in the area close, we should do the same. If it's bad enough for Laurier students, it's bad enough for us.


  1. I don't know about the other teams/candidates, but Team Fusion has already posted a list of things they would do about it on their Facebook page:

    1. Full text:

      UWaterloo friends, now that the sun has come out and the weather settled, we hope that you are doing well and are staying warm. Team Fusion has been outraged at the university administration for making the decision to stay open today. There are 2 things that went wrong today and we have solutions:

      First: The University made the decision to stay open today. This decision was made despite all schools and universities in the area closing due to inclement weather. Additionally this decision was made without any input from students. This prevents the University from being aware of specific student concerns like walking to the bus stop or waiting for a bus that is running late. Lastly, the decision was communicated much later than 6:00am (in contradiction to the university's own policy).

      *****Solution: We believe that the President of the Federation of Students should have been consulted on the matter alongside all other directors that the Provost goes to for expertise. We will push for a procedural change that ensures that students are consulted in the decision regarding weather closures.

      Second: Many campus pathways were not safe for student use. Major pathways around DC, E3, and RCH had significant snow and ice accumulation.

      *****Solution: It is our belief that if a decision is made to remain open, then the campus should be safe for students to drive and walk on starting at 8:00am. If the university cannot guarantee that, then the campus should NOT be open.

      Going forward Team Fusion’s current VPIN Candidate Maaz Yasin will be bringing this discussion to the newly created Campus Safety Task Force where we will be gathering student concerns about the condition of campus pathways this morning. Additionally, we will be taking these concerns to the University’s Joint Health and Safety Committee where a formal complaint about campus safety can be raised to the UW Safety Director and the ensuing discussion is sure to yield results. This is where a procedure on timely snow-removal can also be made for UW Plant Operations.

      In the meanwhile, stay warm and stay safe friends!

      Team Fusion

  2. ^And Chris from Team Gold has a list of things he's *already* doing about it:
    "Fellow uWaterloo students:
    Action is being taken regarding today's decision not the close the university. The following steps are being taken already:
    1. Today the Senate Executive Committee is meeting. SEC sets the agenda for the university Senate, and I will make sure there will be an item regarding the university's closure guidelines. Senate will then discuss it February 23.
    2. Tomorrow, at the Board of Governors, I will be there when the same issue will be heard.
    3. Sunday we will discuss this issue at Feds Students' Council.
    4. Both the Faculty Association and the Faculty Relations Committee will be discussing this as well.
    5. UW's VP Admin and Finance Dennis Huber has been asked to provide an estimate on the cost of a university closure (cost has been cited in the past as reason to stay open)."

    1. Update: He apparently did get it on the Senate agenda.

    2. Interested to see what sort of attention this gets at the debates

  3. Shame that this will probably become such a big issue in the election, when there is so much more about the roles.

  4. The real question we need is what did Purple Crush do?

    1. I hope they didn't do anything to be perfectly honest. It seems like they are such joke candidates and would probably only fuck things up more for students.