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Updated on Sunday, February 1


OMG: When someone you met over five years ago is still in love with you even though you dont talk to each other.


  1. Oh god that sounds like me.. been obsessed with some random guy I have never even talked to for years and keep hoping I will see him around. He is hot as fk though.

  2. It almost sounds like you're complaining. You should be grateful someone cares for you, even if you don't feel the same back. Especially too considering some emotions like love can be hard to control :)

  3. It's really stupid, I know. I met someone 2 years ago. We went on a date. She didn't want to date at the time. But we continued to hang out and talk. I found myself falling for her more and more so I started talking to her less, eventually cutting her off completely. We haven't talked in a 4-5 months, but I still think about her from time to time, and I hate it. I wish I could get rid off this crush.

  4. I had an ex' like this. It was weird when she was getting married to some guy when a couple days before the wedding she sends me a FB post professing her love for me and that I was her soul mate blah, blah. At that point I hadn't seen her or talked to her in about 3 yrs... needless to say that marriage ended in divorce.

  5. Redditor here. This sentence is incomplete. I am deeply offended by your lack of English skills.In fact, this sort of behavior perpetuates racism.

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